My Purpose is to:

 others by motivating and creating positive change both individually and within teams

Lead by providing relevant and effective development tools, tactics and programs that guide managers into becoming catalyst leaders

Connect the dots by identifying performance gaps and making genuine connections that build trust



People who are capable of sparking action and inspiring those around them are catalyst leaders who can positvely influence both colleagues and the bottom line. Determine where your leadership style currently falls on this spectrum and establish ways in which to expand your circle of influence in order to build trust, reach goals and ultimately advance your own leadership competencies. 

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Professional Development

An increase in self awareness positively affects all aspects of our lives from building relatationships to setting strategic direction and managing stress. These academically robust programs and proven tools coupled with experienced coaching work towards ensuring this personal growth takes place.

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Team Dynamics

Building culture from the ground up or changing an established one in order to grow can be difficult. These workshops and tools take a fun yet practical and effective approach to ensuring buy in, support and engagement from all team members by uncovering personal motivations, recognizing different communication styles and valuing diversity. Establishing organization objectives and expectations are step one in this process. 

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