“I will pay more for the ability to deal with people than for any other commodity under the sun; sugar or wheat or flour!”

 -John D. Rockefeller


Lumina Leader – 360

  • Used for the purpose of helping you become aware of the Leadership choices you are making

  • Makes you aware of what leadership strategies you are choosing often and which you are avoiding or omitting in your Leadership style while also making you aware of how you see yourself as a leader

  • Identifies what happens to your Leadership style when you are overextended (stressed)

Interaction Management 2 Day course

  • Supervisor/Manager level program

  • Key Principles of performance management

  • Interaction Guidelines and skill practices

Executive Strategic Planning sessions – 4 hrs. – 2 day

  • A comprehensive workshop ensuring strategic goals of the organization are established in a creative environment

  • Proactive approach to overcoming potential obstacles

  • Generate an effective and realistic plan for implementation

  • Team Building component

Interviewing 101 – 1hr

  • Define what your non-negotiables are and establish the ideal fit for the current team and position

  • Receive specific interview questions to flush out the right candidate

  • What to avoid and common pitfalls when recruiting and interviewing

Performance Reviews – 1 hr

  • Learn the most effective process for completion, including timing and approach

  • Gain knowledge into the purpose, reasoning and benefit of the review

  • Best practices shared and potential obstacles to be aware of

Feedback session (Mini Interaction Management) - 2hrs

  • Refresh on guidelines and process

  • Highlight current challenges and/or obstacles and ways to overcome

  • Real life examples addressed and demonstrated effective approaches