“We think we see the world as it is, when in fact we see the world as we are” 

– Stephen R. Covey


Lumina Spark – (1/2 Day to 5 days) – Very adaptable to needs of client

  • A personalized psychometric assessment which aids in the exploration of your unique personality

  • Increase self-awareness and adapt behaviors to improve personal and professional relationships and teamwork

  • Discover strengths and address potential blind spots, provides a framework for better self-understanding

  • Highlights diversity and increases overall team understanding, performance and problem solving

Improving Communication course – 1.5 hour

  • Empathy vs. sympathy

  • Actively listening vs. hearing

  • Verbal vs. non (Body language, approach, tone)

7 Habits for Associates(Colleagues) – 1 day session

  • Learn how to be more effective in your personal and professional life

  • Gain an understanding of the 7 habits and how they can be directly applied to your overall effectiveness.

  • Get the keys to building and maintain relationships

DESA – Entry level Personality Profiles and Communication Styles– 4 Hours

  • Recognizing the 4 Personality Styles and building rapport

  • Helping the Styles Under Stress

  • Team specific option, leader specific or cross departmental

Conflict Resolution – 3.5 hours

  • Empowerment – proactive vs reactive

  • The Anatomy of Anger

  • Active Listening and Successful Problem Resolution Techniques

Time Management –1 Hour- 3 hours

  • Assess current time management ability

  • Understand the difference between the compass and the clock

  • 4 quadrants - Practical ways to “live above the line”

  • Weekly planning

Change Management (Team specific options) –3 hours

  • Reasons for resisting and ways to overcome

  • Identify current team challenges and increase buy in

  • How to move forward with a goal that everyone agrees on and is accountable for

  • Thinking pro-active vs reactive and Win-Win paradigm