See what clients are saying about KayLee.

“I am just overhearing all these great comments back in Vancouver after the training -“she’s so knowledgeable”- “I can see her working here “ - “she’s so fun and it was interesting” So THANK YOU so much again, I am so proud of this great group, and I am so glad you were the one to come in and train them!!”
— Kate Chan-Kent l Regional Human Resources Manager l Listel Hospitality Group
“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed our last Exec. Advance…We have done Covey seminars, Gold of the Dessert King, Myers Brigs, 4DX, Fierce Conversations, and our own Leadership Promise…I have to say though Lumina was a particularly insightful event. It put, for me, a different spin on the information and gave deeper insight to each of us as individuals and as a team. Not only for our normal daily work, but even a different picture of how we relate and change focus under stress…It was well worth the time and effort and I just wanted you to know how powerful a tool I think Lumina is and how much I appreciate your encouragement to bring it to the team”
— Dennis Clark - Fairmont Olympic - General Manager
That was the BEST course I have EVER attended with any company. Your facilitating ability is phenomenal – engaging, fun, genuine, stories that correlate the subject to real experiences – stuff everyone can really relate to.I know that I am not the only one blown away by that course as there were many people talking about it after. Cannot wait for more departments and hotels to get to have this same opportunity.
— Darren Simpson - Field Accommodations Manager - Cenovus Energy
I’ve been raving to everyone about what a great facilitator you were so I thought I should let you know what a wonderful job I think you did J. You allowed the conversations to happen yet kept the meeting structured so that we stayed on task. It was an amazing couple of hours – lots of information was received and shared between the group - and of course – it was lots of fun too! I think we are getting on track with all of these changes.
— Heather Pioveson née MacKenzie Sales Manager - Fairmont Pacific Rim
A warm and sincere thank you Kaylee for several top net goals while you were with us last week.  We are already feeling your impact post-seven-habits.  I have reviewed the comments from the participants, and you really have connected with them in your three days in Victoria. Thank you for your passion and for choosing to live your life by design.
— Martin. L. Leclerc, MBA General Manager – The St. Regis Tianjin, China
I attended the Interaction Management training and I have to say that I was quite impressed with our trainer.  KayLee was impeccable.  It is a rare thing to find teachers so passionate and involved in their courses as she is.  I was thinking about it yesterday and as far as I can remember, teachers that were able to move a class and keep 100 % of their audience energized and focused all day, is a rare thing and I did not get a chance to meet many through my studies at university.  Even through the trainings from Delta and Fairmont out East, I cannot say that I felt as involved in a class as I did with KayLee. When someone can build in minutes a connection to a class, get them involved and happy to share personal experiences for two days for every one’s sake, it is so impressive!!!!!  Through role playing, videos, personal stories and much more, she kept us hooked for more!!! She even adapted her role playing exercises to fit my reality.
— Olivier Bourbonnais – Director of Banquets – Fairmont Banff Springs
“Thank you so much for an amazing day! The team haven’t stopped talking about it since, so we know it really made an impact”
— Kerryn Barwick- Operations Manager – APT Group
You have a great enthusiasm for your craft which shows in all you do. I enjoyed the DESA training you did with us a few years back but this was far and away the most useful and rewarding training I have had. One of the things which shines out for me is your complete truthfulness, candor and honesty during our group discussions on balance and effectiveness in our working lives. You recognize the impact that these issues have on performance and personalities and understand the importance of these when it comes to getting the most out of everyone’s contribution while they are at work.
— Michael King – Director of Security – The Fairmont Waterfront Hotel
KayLee made quite the impression(with the graduating MBA class) The content of her talk was really interesting, but what I feel made it special was her passion and enthusiasm for the topic along with her excellent humour and methods to engage the audience.
— Perry Atwal, B.Sc. (Hons), MBA Sauder School of Business - The University of British Columbia
I just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks so much for Friday afternoon – the team loved it – everyone has been talking about it, and I think it really clarified a lot for everyone and will help us all gel together as a team! 
— J Helen Pratt - Director of Sales & Marketing - Fairmont Pacific Rim
I want to let you know what an excellent resource KayLee is. She has been working closely with the Banquet Team recently and offered assistance with facilitating an effective CES meeting with the Banquet staff, we had record attendance at our last meeting and so many staff are still talking about how effective the meeting was. It can be very difficult to get everyone on board and excited – but so many colleagues left the meeting saying how excited they were about the year ahead and the action plans the team had come up with. This truly made an impact on our team.
— Sally Levey - Director of Banquets
The three days of FC 7-Habits training were very well presented. I thought you did a great job—making the information more accessible and relevant to the participants. I enjoyed myself—worked on that ‘mental’ dimension!!Thank you. I can now look forward to DESA 
— Ken Flores - General Manager - The Fairmont Vancouver Airport